Sunday, August 28, 2005

Words and info..

During September I will be performing at the Spring Poetry Festival - Sub Verse on 16th and 30th from 7:30pm, Speakers Steps on 4th from 2pm, Poet Trees Aloud on 15th from 12 noon and Poets Corner on 15th from 2pm.

See for details on the locations of the various readings.

And now....

They Call This Extreme?

The man was present for explanation.
There would never be need to digress.
Because beauty was found elsewhere.
And the pawns have no idea of chess.

A child born inside out wonders why?
Business men made a little cash.
I'm sorry but I'm sick of explaining the obvious.
Feeling ill while I contemplate this mess.

A cancer within a cancer.
Sometimes he wonders if there is anything to save.
Stylized commodities suffocate the meaning.
While an imaginary norm teaches us to behave.

But I doubt that you ever listened.
Balaclava, baseball bat diplomacy will do.
She wore a short skirt while shopping.
Is it just me or does this sicken you to?

Majority beaten, bought and sold again.
Atleast the starving child could feel the rot.
CEO's meditate to the pseudo.
Maybe you could fire your boss and shoot a cop.

Extreme times calling extreme measures.
Are you listening to these words?
Extreme times calling extreme measures.
Or are you simply following the herd?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Feeling like i'm lost in time and space again.. Funny that.

Without this depravation.

An indecent slave to these hormones.
So many luscious lips, asses and tits.
But getting bored of a lack of connection.
Realised, detached and sent you the bill.

Focus has lost what should have been thought.
Drifted, found a fantasy or three.
Fucked up everything, shouted at it all.
Perhaps the pressure became too much.

For me, for me, for me, for me, for free.

Fearful of anything but fantasy.
Relationships outside the subjective.
By this stage you may be confused.
But shit this could be the nature of eternity.

Even though I feel that I am alone.
Afraid of memories, or lack there of.
Not that sure of self and yet so full of selfishness.
When push comes to shove it will be known.

Life could one day be worth a kiss.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's been a while.

Well my 'puter has been ass raped and saved from a terrible non-existence.

So i'm back online and ready to hit you possible readers, comrades, lovers and pieces of rotting flesh with some words..

Read it like you fucking mean it!

Checking Out

Jack pocketed a Swiss fucking watch.
A million hopes and screams were eaten for lunch,
Buying tycoons, soap operas and hopscotch.
Culturally speaking I think we're all fucked.

The napalm hit at precisely nine o' five.
John put on his favourite tie and went to work.
David Jones locker rooms resized.
Oh baby I love it when the president cums twice.

Cadillac class is where you're headin'.
Said the well-dressed manager to his salesman.
Praise be to Capitol Hill, a humble cleaner mentioned.
'Cause if it was possible we're all going to hell after luncheon.

We can talk in stats, figures, dimes and fear fucked brains.
For instance two hundred thousand dead in Iraq and still counting.
But like eight slugs to your head for missing a train.
It just don't seem right unless you are..

Controlling the game, feeling the same, going insane.


We are all to blame.

So lock up your children and drink all of your wine.
Listen to those war drums beat out our future child.
As the old church bells ring out of time.
You will be wishin' you hadn't spent so long in a checkout line, checkout line, checkout line.

Checking out now.

Because I have seen a few worrying signs.