Sunday, August 09, 2015

denim jacket come downs
longing for dishwashers
and escape

his baby face anxiety chatter
interrupted only by a weathered 
leering drunk's ever expansion of space
the body language of 
three young girls 
not obvious enough

my knuckles rolling knots 
around rings

the soft palms of african train cops
the weight of ancestral 
mountains once cut down 
now fists to enforce fines

capital and despair

two young queers 
new to worlds and roles
panting hot from bikes
in accentuated cadence
excited to be going somewhere

we sit mute
faces in screens
the violence of the other
our bodies out of place
dormant and afraid

waiting to get off
i dreamt
of black dogs
flying over Hiroshima
and Nagasaki
and cheer for
bombs falling
like gods to earth
empires of gold 
and death
memory and loss
there is no end 
in silence
only the absurd

Saturday, August 01, 2015

a revolution
pissing hard
against the back
of toilet bowls
shit flaking down
porcelain washed white
remembering a new
personal identification number
and waiting for broken trains
a barricade dreaming of
five years passed
half cut mid stare
beer in hand
to a nervous friend
in joyful tongued
embrace on
dance floor
hoping for it to last
mostly her smile and
movements in half light
blurred gentle kisses
and wanting to do better
this time
cherish these
small victories
to carry us home