Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on sleeping in until 2pm

whiskey double
the growth of pubic hair
sleep past midday
layers of teeth rotting
female figure
hair so long

self sabotage
mucus in lung
a cyber affair
nullified, pacified
to form excuse
after excuse

a wednesday
professing love
avoiding glance
semen in jar
art project
now abject

lack of sincerity
wish for emptiness
distance in walls
refuse proximity
sunken eyes

and returning
to womb

Monday, October 05, 2009

Railway parade

I learnt to count to 26.
In lies, ceiling fixtures and flesh.
The numbers just stopped.
I guess.
Lips and tongue form kiss.

We had no right.
They said.
This absurdity.
Empty lots, exploding toilets.
The abstraction of love - now dead.
An unprecedented wealth in numbers.
A train of strangers.
Always passing, fulfilled lives buy-
a complacent piece.
Romantic setting, burning beach.
A moment or two of innocence.
Emptiness, when we leave.

These walls now built
hold nothing.
Train tracks for scars
seek oblivion.
Everything must go -
breathe often.

Lay alone.