Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I am the vacant stare at the rim of the glass
the drum and bass thighs of transvestites
pretending to dance
A last desperate attempt
to love someone,
I am awake,
Not here
I am wire, teeth,
denim legs of a woman
who is only wanted
Too certain but afraid
I am bad acid
and broken childhood transience
I am your beautiful breast
and many other things
I could never say
but do
I am Jesus drowning
off the coast of occupied land
I am absurdity in neon,
drunk and fucked up
I am displaced and lonely
but never desperate
I am heroin
and every other last option
I am a word
or breath
that is
or is not
I am yelling from rooftops
and welcoming death
with each kiss
I am violent lust
I am everything I despise
I am despised
I am hope and anxiety,
paradox and truth
I am void
I am someone, somewhere
Not here.