Friday, June 10, 2005

a new awakening perhaps?

It was difficult to write this.. Perhaps because of it's very personal nature.

Keep on moving my friend.

As we all fell from grace.

Saints now drown in tears of delusion.
The suicide rate grows old.
I am once again head struck with confusion.
A friend lays, surrounded by white padded walls.

A hymn is sung from your mind's dark corner.
The highly rated sermon comes to be.
We are reminded that with pride they warned her.
Not to forget to beg and pray.

Speed induced hypnosis born.
The paranoia swells in his veins.
Another consumer casualty mourns.
For we can no longer recognise the sane.

Strung out, drugged up and left to rot.
Bed ridden and lost in conspiracy.
So little friends and so many memories lost.
Beginning to wonder, is it you or me?

Sitting in a circle of empty chairs.
Our fate collides and becomes one.
While we all lost what was never there.
I still hope that i'll awake to the rising sun.

And so I sit and await your funeral.
Although it may not come today.
I fear that you have lost the strength and will.
To break these chains and drift away.