Friday, August 05, 2005

Feeling like i'm lost in time and space again.. Funny that.

Without this depravation.

An indecent slave to these hormones.
So many luscious lips, asses and tits.
But getting bored of a lack of connection.
Realised, detached and sent you the bill.

Focus has lost what should have been thought.
Drifted, found a fantasy or three.
Fucked up everything, shouted at it all.
Perhaps the pressure became too much.

For me, for me, for me, for me, for free.

Fearful of anything but fantasy.
Relationships outside the subjective.
By this stage you may be confused.
But shit this could be the nature of eternity.

Even though I feel that I am alone.
Afraid of memories, or lack there of.
Not that sure of self and yet so full of selfishness.
When push comes to shove it will be known.

Life could one day be worth a kiss.


Blogger insurgente_marco said...

hey man, it's alex writing on Marco's mash-ine

some good lines in the poem, especially:

"Not that sure of self but so full of selfishness"

That fuckin' resonates with me big time.

Metaphorically, who did u send the bill to? It's not clear from the poem - are you talking about a hooker or something?(1st stanza, 4th line)

"Focus has lost what should have been thought" (2nd stanza, line1) I can't get my head this line

The second last stanza about refugees shows good technique but it introduces a whole new idea into the poem. The effect is a bit jarring. Maybe you could write a whole poem on refugees?

Good work man,

2:02 AM  
Blogger armedpoet said...

"Focus has lost what should have been thought"

With this i was firstly trying to play with language a little because when i read it it immediately reads as "focus has lost what should have been taught". Implying that we should learn to focus on our thoughts. However i was also trying to express how we can never quite grasp subjectivity. We have lost the thought of being.

Who have i sent the bill? Good question. I guess it would be the women from my past relationships. The bill at the moment may well be my lack of empathy towards them. Or perhaps my refusal to properly explain why the connection was lost. In short the bill is their pain.

I agree the refugee stanza is confusing. But i guess it is kind of a final summary that is a little detached from the initial meaning of the poem.

I think i'll leave it in because it helps to detach the reader from my experience and generalises the feelings expressed in the poem ie we're all on the same sinking boat.

Cheers for the comments man.

2:22 AM  
Blogger armedpoet said...

After re-reading this one I have changed the ending.

1:45 AM  

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