Sunday, August 28, 2005

Words and info..

During September I will be performing at the Spring Poetry Festival - Sub Verse on 16th and 30th from 7:30pm, Speakers Steps on 4th from 2pm, Poet Trees Aloud on 15th from 12 noon and Poets Corner on 15th from 2pm.

See for details on the locations of the various readings.

And now....

They Call This Extreme?

The man was present for explanation.
There would never be need to digress.
Because beauty was found elsewhere.
And the pawns have no idea of chess.

A child born inside out wonders why?
Business men made a little cash.
I'm sorry but I'm sick of explaining the obvious.
Feeling ill while I contemplate this mess.

A cancer within a cancer.
Sometimes he wonders if there is anything to save.
Stylized commodities suffocate the meaning.
While an imaginary norm teaches us to behave.

But I doubt that you ever listened.
Balaclava, baseball bat diplomacy will do.
She wore a short skirt while shopping.
Is it just me or does this sicken you to?

Majority beaten, bought and sold again.
Atleast the starving child could feel the rot.
CEO's meditate to the pseudo.
Maybe you could fire your boss and shoot a cop.

Extreme times calling extreme measures.
Are you listening to these words?
Extreme times calling extreme measures.
Or are you simply following the herd?


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