Monday, October 09, 2006

Two performance pieces


revolutionary networks encircling

layers parabola unravelling

billboard jam construction fucking

my face feels empty as gravel shifts time away from nothing to nothing to nothing

we search for reason normality suffocating distractions TV

in the distance we see our hands covered in blood but not knowing why

and you're not listening you're hearing

because words have no meaning

clique or just talking i don't care

shells exploding white picket fences corroding the insane comforting

reminding me that i cannot hold your stare

that i am alone in myself this perfectly crafted box of self help instruction, convulsion

i watch as i die or do i die as i watch the clock ticks tick fucking tock

what the fuck am i talking about?

awake yet sleeping images of black masks heart beating, fists raised fraternity, the end is the same equality - refusal of a shallow grave mentality

repeating oaths to make conviction so that i may escape your television

i won't eat your cold peas and watch your football, i won't lock up refugees behind razor wire and concrete walls

i won't fight your fucking war and i won't get bored

to create we must first destroy. a whisper of totality beyond commodity

but we argue. head in hands he resigns to the voices dogma commands because only you are right

black and white black and white

i'm not trying to write good poetry just express myself endlessly to you my enemy, lover and friend a mirror to stare at over and over again

i see you

you push and shove and love and give
but it's ok to loose yourself sometimes

in front of the tv screens and whitewash dreams
we're all feeling fine

but behind the plastic scene the children scream
we're all doing time

because times like these need strong drugs to ease
everything but your mind

for clarity of vision is substance
for feeling of meaning is dying
captivating or exasperating
those feeble minds

every day and night, eyes closed tight
work commute work go mute die
on street corners and in your malls
to end and beginning, a life of lies

you say fresh bagel I say we're living in a racist island
and there was never touch to loose
but i am significantly gone
for how much more must this existence prove

to me to you to me to you to me to you to.. may not be the first or last but just the beginning
so shouldn't we at least learn to swim?

while academics drink themselves in ivory towers
global illusion of freedom gaining complete control
nothing is everything is nothing done nothing wrong
does this not bequeath to our children this world?

slave labour lounge chairs only 9.95
CNN come again, media mass whore
guevara is an ice cream and trump is a god
devils, if such a thing, surely know the score

barbaric cellular phone home loan decapitation
servant to malformed intolerable glutton
check points, razor wire fence, billboards in the sky
and then all of a sudden

i see you for the first time

and know why


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