Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a new one for your consideration

is this enough?

the words may one day reach you
through the veil of a plastic scene
my eyes are heavy as I wake
dormant in a hotel lobby, he screams


drowned in a sea of emotional awareness
the sound of money and a distant murmur of war
contemplation beginning to crave experience
he staggers to his feet and opens the door


the people on the street are forgetting
with TV minds switched on
that a hammer to the axe may save us
he walks quietly on their blood soaked lawns


the pyramid is our own creation
perpetuated by the isolated mass
molotov mentality begins to deconstruct
he rejects class and other concepts


the doctrine tastes sour
and so we break with all oppression
power beyond hierarchy manifests
his pace quickens, his fist tightens

and he asks himself, is this enough?



Blogger terror wave said...

thanks ray, i really love a lot of your words aswell.
funny thing, these words.
sometimes so inadequate, sometimes they just hit the spot.

what are you doing in china???
goodluck,blessings,have LOADS of adventures!!

1:46 AM  
Blogger terror wave said...

wow, 2 months, beaut!
where you headed? i didnt get to see much when i went, but it'll be bloody hot now!

distant relatives are great, im falling into a nice inheritance soon, that'll probably go towards lots of travel aswell.

i'll keep checkin in here for more of your lucid language learnings..check in on me too..

computers make all our ramblings look pretty swish.
but we also cant help being crazy critters who camp out on cold wet lawns outside airports..
i was ASLEEP you know, that M was pretty unforgettable..blaaa!

Be safe hey,beautifulboy..


2:15 AM  
Blogger terror wave said...

yay, an x from ray!! but you love me, of course you going to send an x all the way to me little screen in israel!

been to china with mum as a little kid, and have stopped in there for 2/3 day stopovers in the past.
never been out of the city's though..
the horse riding adventure sounds so amazing, your going to have the time of your life!

and the unforgettable is cos i havent forgotten, unlike a lot of other nights and days at that stage of my alcoholistic life..
but yes, i think it was a good night and i very much appreciated your company, only time we've hung out properly! ..and that time we had lunch when i wanted to take you to sparrow but it was closed..

i dont know when im getting back. i was kind of miserable here before but things are looking better, might stay another month or two, if i go live on a kibbutz..

blessings and love to ya ray, from
yr galfriend X!

2:14 AM  

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