Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Inspired by too much suffering in the world.

Another one..

Come down to subverse at the perth townhall this friday from 7:30pm to see some brilliant poets and see me perform this and a few others..

The Lucky Country

A misguided, apathetic signal receiver sits in comfort.
Pathetically as he chewed some chips he thought.
Someone, somewhere really gave a shit.
His meaningless persistence to transmit.

You poor stupid fucks.

Sloganise your devil's eyes through corporate lies.
Child dead, mother covered red.
Change the channel, change your mind.
"Someone else will fight" you said.

You poor stupid fucks.

Another televised, institutionalised genocide.
Just watch and smile, hit the dial.
History unknown and so fucking bored.
But baby you'll buy anything that you're sold.

You poor stupid fucks.

Freedom was never on the agenda, big spender.
Instead we shot black doves and talked sport.
The presenter did a line or two or three or four.
While shit kickers kicked themselves and called it work.

You poor stupid fucks.

Compassion demonized, be afraid, be afraid.
Patience for some is all but gone.
Waiting to see the elite taste their own brutality.
Sitting, counting the beating, just waiting to be born.

You poor stupid fucks.

I wake up and I die again, I wake up and you lie again.
The pain of seeing and hearing pain becomes too much to bare.
We're calling out, crawling out for help.
No answer, just a tightly gripped remote and a cold detached stare.

You poor stupid fucks.
You poor stupid fucks.
You poor stupid fucks.
You never knew your luck.


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