Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pessimistic feelings on a cold night in spring.


Stale silence, cold fingers press into the back of my skull.
Reminded that the sensation of mortality is only brief.
Experiencing the turmoil of senseless plastic.
Missing all of those who I love beneath.

Something that is not other people's judgements of myself.
Tattoo "real" on my chest, just for proof.
Forget that I come from the same shopping malls and chit chat.
To kill my former I must first learn to tie the noose.

And we hear the buzz of more machines than I wish to imagine.
Working over time for the good life.
They say that he cheated on her with a vacuum cleaner.
In order to calculate the death of all time we must be precise.

Precisely, deadly dollar signs ring out over the land.
History fucks irony and then stares blankly at us.
As ignorance finds another opportunist to Capitalise on.
I feel as though it has all become too much.

But then reactions to the doomed creation appear.
And once again my heart is plastered on a placard.
Are you lost? Your eyes do not see past the gold watch.
So I picture you on your knees sucking a corporate facade.

But I'm not there now.
No, I am somewhere else.
It is uncommon and yet I saw it coming.
Only on the days when i feared the worst, of course.

In silence I stare into darkness and watch it happen.
My last moments as a provocateur and observer.
You and your species stand front and centre.
And for once you are right, there is nothing else here.


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