Thursday, October 14, 2010

this city

this day dream white wash cracked and forgotten
with movement the cement becomes life-like reflection
this cigarette stutter and nod with a drunken shadow
sediment dust exhaust blood curdling in phlegm

this pollution consuming distant neanderthal abuse
anger locked atmosphere fist pulled awaiting excuse
smashing cunts and fucking with suggestive eyes
stimuli grunts cashed-up lobotomised - chimps

in this city

this clique trendy latte catchup with synth low-cut top
the resistance renaissance wanker apathy pop
this middle-class pretence before the picket fence
a pick up pick pocket green voting pomo poet

this insecure thug sanctioned criminal racist in uniform
to state the obvious police state bastard colonial spawn
this punch in punch out telephone book taser baton fuck
the great protector bobby boy patriotic - another worm

in this city

this stalinist sect newspaper pusher sold out communist
these five drunken anarchists with limp disco fists
more broken heart ideologues suffering indifference
token arguments for dialectics or didactic showmanship

this existential bass player playing pussy for entertainment
deadbeat manipulation a sentence lies empty and content
backbeat posing on airwaves for kudos and failed love
this closing comment to connect with you - for a moment

in this city this city this city this city this city this city...

that we all dreamt.


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