Monday, March 31, 2008

i am particularly prolific at the moment

i poem

i ran over a dog today
i thought of infidelity and reached a place untouched
i died in trenches with my grandparents
i sort comfort in solitude
i pretended to care for another
i watched people play out dreams that were never mine
i craved a drink and a conversation
i yearned for the smell of a woman
i stared into a screen in search of companionship
i thought of friends who i dare not call
i dreamt of children shot in gaza
i pictured graveyards of mobile phones
i whispered to the ether for an end of a moment
i struck ink with keystroke til cancer corrodes
i procrastinated, masturbated, humiliated and contended
i felt infatuation with my constructed reflection
i slept and slept and slept and slept some more
i gazed into a mirror and warmed to my youth
i knew i had nothing to say and said it anyway
i lost myself that little bit more and wrote poetry


Blogger Ozala said...

nice one bro
keep it up and all da best

8:07 PM  

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