Monday, August 08, 2011

with honesty for friends

Brahma plays with Buddha
beyond dogma
And we recite Blake's London
in kitchens cleaning
for minimum wage
And yet still free

Like those who play
with sex and drama
Everyone fucking everyone
fucking everyone

Jamie's paranoid direction
coming in and out
of inebriation and argument
Sleep deprived and stoned
But always smiling

Those who ride the
fading morning
longer than most
closer to fifty
but happy at last

Rob's walls covered in
foil and reality
Keeping everything distant
never falling

Those friends more broken
but in love
Others solitary in caves
of virginity, sadness
and loss

Jason a king of kings
Reminding us that we
can always do better

Crossing mountains and
burying our childhood
with every battle
orgasm and
scream of passion

Brian a bear of a man
breathing compassion
with subtle smile
walking slow
A laughter emanating
from source

Moments of truth
in climax
Painfully reminding us
that we are sorry
I am sorry

Every lover who
is golden, beautiful
Privileged but empathetic
gorgeous women
broken and held close

Our hands forming fists
chests tightened
Shouting at faceless
men, processes and violence

Alex committed more
than we could know
A wealth of protest
articulated in soundbites
ten minute drives and
European squats

And my spirit existential
finds Russia
Nineteen seventeen
Two thousand and ten

Katie hitting hard
sonic connection
and essence
Beyond politics
and intimacy

Clinging to each other
like pigeons in the rain
Just long enough to
feel the weight lifted
The space warm
and empty

And many more unnamed
in commune
and resistance
Honesty and
Gods in reflection
not without hearts torn
and shattered mind

My brothers and sisters
never born
Friends in every sense
In love
Our conversations
keeping me whole

Thank you


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